Welcome to the World Wide Chat Network

Linking IRC Networks together

#chill - General Chat Channel
#thecavefiles - Mirc scripts addons etc etc...
Plus many more channels.

Advertising (Spamming) of irc networks is not allowed.
If you would like your network linked in, Contact Rascle.
I am normally either on JanusChat, EvilNet, or IRCPimps
irc.januschat.net, irc.evilnet.org, or irc.ircpimps.net.
We are no longer using Janus.  We have switched to Pylink.

Pylink supports the following IRCDs
UnrealIRCd 4x
Inspircd 2x
P10 (in beta)

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#Chill Channel Commands:
!strivia - Starts Trivia
!song - Shows current song playing
!link - shows the link to listen to.
!find (pattern) - Finds a song in its collection
!request (song) - requests the song in the collection
!weather (zip code) - Weather
!8ball (question) - Comes up with a answer